Web Application Developer

Vision: Improve my clients businesses by creating the best web applications, with a smile :-)

More than 30 projects done alone or with a team, in 7 years working as Ruby on Rails Freelancer. Business focused. Prioritizing the best communication with clients. Let’s write the specs and I will build it for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you lost a lot of money in non-profitable developments?

    We should go to production in less than 3 months with our very best Minimum Valuable Product.

  • Are you experiencing expensive software maintenance due to Architectural needless complexity with APIs, React, Angular, Vue,... ?

    I create React-equivalent modern frontends, cheap and easy to maintain, thanks to Hotwire JS-library, completely adapted to Ruby on Rails Backend. Without code duplication: APIs, models, validations, functions etc... No need to contract Fontend Developers yet.

  • Bored of breaking something on every code change?

    I grant over 90% of your code covered by automated tests, running before every deployment, to ensure that nothing else breaks nowhere.

  • Tired of waiting weeks to see a new feature working in your site?

    I grant you will see everyday changes thanks to daily automated deployments. No need to contract QA Engineers yet.

  • Is your site slowing down due to users growth?

    I build High Scalability systems taking care of Rails performance, and based on containers and microservices, adapted automatically to your business growth. No need to contract Devops Engineers yet.

  • Did you experience poor communication with your Development Team?

    I will send you a daily email with things to-do and done, based on business planification. And all talks you need, of course.

They already trust me

Some of our clients testimonials:

I already built for them

Roper Properties Lawsoft

MintBit LLC ShortHand

Weopt TM Weopt.com

OmniSlots OmniSlots

Lumiq Inc Lumiq.com

MarsBased C40

MarsBased ResumeBuild

NexHealth, Inc. NexHealth

Crowdini Crowdini

Made In Alpha Wohhup.com

Vysk Accounts

Lebrijo DevOps Tools

Lebrijo Prun-ops

Tealeaf Academy Blog

Agilar Taskboard

Agilar Web

MonsterWEBco Medessist

Surprize.me App

interpreters.travel App

Number Ten, LLC Foxwordy

Lebrijo Web

Lebrijo TocTicket

HourWise App

Lebrijo Blog

My Philosophy

Mission: My passion is to create the best Web Applications. Using the most suitable Open Source Technologies, and Agile Software Development principles.

Vision: Improve my clients businesses by creating the best web applications, with a smile :-)


  • Reducing costs on Human resources on project early stages by using highly productive frameworks.
  • Technical excellence and good design. High quality and smooth frontends.
  • High reliability by making a test coverage greater than 90%.
  • Early and continuous delivery of valuable software, daily better than weekly.
  • Accept client changing requirements continuously to better fit to business.
  • Scaling systems and taking care of performance in users/load growth.
  • Close cooperation between me and client. Daily report to client by email, and meeting when needed.